PLC Controlled Motion:

Control Techniques’ new PLC Controlled Motion makes integrating CT drives with A-B and Siemens PLC’s over Ethernet/IP or ProfiNet EASY, straight-forward, and intuitive. Both VFD frequency/speed control, and servo or closed loop vector indexing can be set up in minutes. A guided “wizard” in our award-winning Connect PC tool walks you through the setup. This easy-to-use tool works with our Commander C open loop drive, DigitaxHD servos and all Unidrive M products. Click the title above or picture at the right to learn more.

Trio Flex-6 Nano:

The new Trio Flex-6 Nano integrated EtherCAT motion controller is powerful, compact and flexible. It’s an integrated EtherCAT solution offering up to 64 axes of motion. It’s expandable through our matching Flexslice range of input, output, and axis modules. Cycle times as fast as 125 microseconds. When you need true performance and PLC-based motion controller solutions won’t get it done, Trio’s high performance EtherCAT controllers will get the job done. Click the title above or picture at the right to learn more.

DFS – Drive Free Standing:

The award winning Unidrive M600 and M700 drives are now available in pre-engineered packages featuring a stock and 1 to 10-day lead time for emergency breakdowns and fast-track projects. Save engineering costs, time and resources with these robust, high quality enclosed drive packages from 100hp to 1,250hp. Guided online configurator and a wide range of options make the DFS well suited for either stand-alone projects or projects where they’ll be integrated into a broader system suite. Click image or title above to learn more.

Kyntronics HSHF:

Fusing the precision of servo control with the power of hydraulics into self-contained integrated systems with up to 180,000 lbf (755 kN). The new HSHF Series combines both high speed and high force functionality in a leak-free all-in-one actuation system. The HSHF features a compact integrated accumulator, a high-resolution position sensor and pressure transducer for precise force control. This makes this actuator ideal for pressing applications, precision bending, automated insertion, etc.. Click the image or title above to learn more.

Applied Motion Products MDX:

The new MDX Integrated Servo Motors combine the all-digital servo drive technology found in the SV200 servo drives with the high torque density, low inertia performance of the J Series servo motors. The result is a fully integrated all-in-one high-performance smart-motor. Multiple communications options like Ethernet/IP and CANopen make it easy to integrate this smart-motor into any control scheme. Both IP65 and IP20 models available. Perfect for mobile or AGV applications Please click on the title above or picture to learn more.

Commander C Series 5yr Warranty:

The new Commander C Series VFD’s are built on 6 generations of proven, reliable, high performance drive technology. Ease of commissioning makes for an incredible “out of the box” experience. Dual safe torque off and virtually every communications option. Reliability is proven by CT’s unique warranty coverage. Now available with 5yr warranties following drive registration. Our competition can’t touch this level of protection. Most sizes stocked for quick delivery as well. Click title above or image for more information.

Tolomatic IMA-S:

The new Tolomatic IMA-S stainless steel integrated servo actuator is designed for the most demanding of food and beverage processing applications. The IMA-S is designed to hygienic standards for eliminating harborage points and preventing bacterial growth. The 316 SS construction provides excellent corrosion resistance and withstands high pressure, high temp and caustic wash-down to IP69k. A proprietary food-grade lubrication system extends service life. Click on the title or image to learn more.

Macron Dynamics Tri-Bot:

In many industrial applications, the fast-paced production of high volume parts or products requires an equally fast transfer mechanism or parts-picker. Macron Dynamics offers a solution in the new Tri-Bot. With the ability to complete up to 125 picks per minute and up to a 5 kg payload, the Tri-Bot is a fast, scalable solution to your demanding automation application. The Tri-Bot is offered as a kit using belt driven actuators and connecting hardware. It can be configured for a variety of work envelopes. Click title or image to learn more.