CMI provides representation, sales, application expertise, and support services for these top-rated automation component and mechatronic product offerings:

Control Techniques – High Performance AC, Servo, & DC Drives

Your single source for AC, DC, Servo & drive systems, 1/3hp to 4,200hp.  The Unidrive M is a truly universal drive with unlimited communications options and Motion Made Easy programming.  See all Control Techniques drive offerings at

Trio Motion – High Performance Motion Controls

Powerful, economical, flexible multi-axis motion controllers.  Seamless control of 1 to 128 axes of servos, steppers, piezo motors, and/or hydraulics.  Complete machine control, I/O expansion, HMI’s, multiple communication options, free software.  Visit

KB Electronics – Low Cost AC&DC Drives – NEMA & Chassis Mount

Reliable, low cost motor control for AC & DC applications, battery DC to DC controls, brushless DC drives, &Triac fan controls.  Affordable NEMA4X and PMAC drive products. 200 stocked models, highly customizable, OEM brand-labeling.

Macron Dynamics – Linear Actuators and Multi-Axis Gantry Systems

Robust actuator and gantry systems.  Made in the USA.  Industry leading 7-day delivery.   Custom engineered solutions to meet your exact application requirements.  Stroke lengths in excess of 400ft.  Speeds to 600 in/sec. Loads to 10,000 lbs. …. see

Mach Motion Products – Cost Effective, Custom, Motion Control Solutions

A complete line of unique motor solutions and customized drive controls for OEM applications. Brushless DC, Slotless DC, Permanent magnet, with or without integrated drives, Gearmotors. Custom OEM / high volume solutions for a wide range of industries. ….  see

Applied Motion Products – Steppers – StepSERVO

A full line of stepper motors, integrated motors, servo motors and drives.  Closed-loop stepper motors with feedback offering up to 50% more torque, higher accelerations, no loss of position, and reduced heat buildup.  EtherCAT EtherNet/IP, and more.  ..… see

Kyntronics – Linear and Rotary Actuator Solutions

Affordable, rugged, all-in-one electro-hydraulic actuators. Forces to 170,000 lbf thrust (755 kN). 50% more efficient than electro-mechanical actuators. Eliminates hydraulic infrastructure, HPU’s, servo valves, hoses, leaks, metal-to-metal contact wear, & maintenance. Delivered complete and ready to run.  … see

R+W America – Industrial Couplings & Torque Limiters

Industrial couplings from 0.1 Nm to over 2,000,000 Nm.  Torque limiters (safety couplings) from 0.1 Nm to 2,800 Nm.  Line shaft couplings from 5 Nm to 25,000 Nm.  Bellows style, zero backlash elastomer insert, disk pack & gear style couplings…. see

Tolomatic – High Force Linear Actuator Solutions

Robust, reliable, planetary roller screw and ball screw actuators.  Forces up to 40,000 lbs thrust. Integrated motor/actuator designs.  Solid stainless steel and food grade washdown units available. Use with any servo drive.  Proudly manufactured in the USA since 1954.  … see

Sunshine Automation & Tooling – ABB Robotics Value Provider

Sunshine is a full-service design, development, & engineering company, specializing in ABB robotic solutions, custom automation machinery, complex end-of-arm tooling, production line upgrades, installation, and start-up.  Made in the USA…. see