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Precision Roller Screw Linear Actuators -- Rotary Actuators and Servo Gearmotors -- Explosion Proof Rotary and Linear Actuators -- Roller Screw Slides/Stages -- Belt Slide Actuators


The Science of Engineered Motion:
Exlar's patented roller screw technology provides the perfect electro-mechanical replacement for hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders in your motion control applications.
Exlar's robust linear actuator designs offer many times the life of ball screw or acme screw actuators and eliminate the costly maintenance and mess associated with hydraulic actuation.
Since they are servo controlled, accurate, very repeatable positioning is easy.  Furthermore, they plug and play with virtually any servo drive on the market.
Exlar Technology:
A roller screw is a mechanism for converting servo motor rotation into high force linear motion.  Multiple helically threaded rollers are assembled in a planetary arrangement around a helically threaded shaft.  Many more points of contact between the planetary rollers mean that roller screws can carry much higher forces than ball screw actuators, and give as much as 15 to 50 times the life of competing technologies.
Exlar Advantages over Hydraulic and Pneumatic:
Exlar's linear roller screw actuators provide an attractive alternative to hydraulic or pneumatic actuation, especially where accurate, repeatable positioning is necessary.  Exlar actuators eliminate the complex support system of valves, pumps, compressors, fluid reservoirs, filters and sensors.  System maintenance is greatly reduced, operating costs are lower, and energy consumption is less.  An Exlar solution usually takes up less overall space, and provides an actuation system requiring virtually no maintenance over a long operating life.  Noise levels are lower in your production environment.  Hydraulic fluid leaks and costly air leaks are eliminated.  Finally, reprogramming the Exlar servo actuator for different moves is quick and simple.  Therefore, operating flexibility is greatly enhanced and change over time is fast meaning more profit for your organization.
Customs and Specials Available:
Bring Exlar your most demanding application.  We specialize in customizing these robust actuators to virtually any application and to any harsh environment.  Washdown, submerged, abrasive, dusty, high ambient, vacuum, clean room, etc..  Special materials of construction like solid stainless steel, electroless nickel coated, food grade epoxy, hard coat anodized, etc. are also available.
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