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Trio Motion Technology manufactures a complete line of economical, high performance, multi-axis motion controllers.  From 1 to 64 axes.  Control servo motors, stepper motors, piezo motors, or hydraulic systems.  Trio designs customized solutions for OEMs enabling complex, high speed automation and complete machine control.


Why Buy Trio?:

* Learn one programming environment  
* Easy programming of complex motion  
* Modular architecture lowers your costs
* Protect your investment
* Your choice of drive interface
* Your choice of communication protocol
* Your choice of programming methods
* Make your machine perform faster
* Reduce machine delivery times
* Customized and embedded solutions 
* HMIs integrate easily with our controllers 
Our products are available locally via our global network of distributors & drive specialists  Each partner offers local training and technical support.
Complete Machine Control

Trio Motion Technology’s range of motion controllers, Expansion Modules, I/O modules and keypads are designed to enable the control of industrial machines with the minimum of external components. In many applications, Trio’s range can be combined to build a control system capable of driving a multi axis machine and all its auxiliary equipment.


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