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Company Information:
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CMI is a Manufacturer's Rep firm that specializes is AC and DC drives to 2,900 hp, Soft Starters, Single and Multi-Axis Servo Systems, Linear Actuators, Operator Interface Terminals, Servo Gear Reducers, Motors, etc.. 
Please see our CMI Line Card page for more information.

About Our Company:

In business for over 23 years now, CMI's representatives have the industry experience to make your drive or motion related project a success.  From sizing and component selection to programming assistance and startup, you'll view your CMI representative as an integral part of your design team.



The Best Products:

CMI's product line is carefully selected from the top manufacturers in each product category we represent.  Our offerings are the best in class in terms of performance to price, reliability, and ease-of-use.  Many of our products simply have no equal in terms of performance and longevity.
The best products do make the best machines.

One Source for all your automation needs.


In addition to our many represented products, we sell a broad range of AC and DC motors, gear reducers, linear actuators, rotary tables, encoders, DB resistors, line reactors, etc..

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